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Remote CAN software features

Background color

Text is white. Choose background color from among black, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, brown, gray.


White background and colored text.

Font set-up

Choose from four different font styles and nine font sizes.

Styles Bitmapped, Times Roman, Thin, Arial

Sizes 1-9 point

Scrolling speed - Choose from nine text scrolling speeds.

0 = slowest and smoothest.

8 = fast and less smooth

9 = fastest and scrolling jumps

Screen size

Choose how much of the monitor displays text. This is a consideration when the notes are projected onto a screen or wall, and it is easier to see lines at the top of the display.

vertical size (percentage from top)
range = 35% to 100%

Remote set-up

1.via modem (always use this setting for Remote CAN)
2.via null modem remote

View command keys

ESC enter and exit menus
ALT + X exit the program
TAB new speaker (>> appears)
F1 clear screen
F9 reduce font size
F10 increase font size
review notes
CTRL + G interrupt

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