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Possible problems and solutions when using Remote CAN


Remote Computer-Assisted Notetaking (RemCAN) software doesn't connect. Deaf/hard hearing user doesn't see the conversation RemCAN screen on the computer monitor.

Possible Solutions:

1. Make sure you're using an analog telephone line.
2. Make sure the modem is turned on.
3. Make sure the modem is connected to the computer.
4. Make sure you chose "2. Receive a Call" in the RemCAN program prior to the notetaker trying to call you.
5. If you went to the remote set-up screen, make sure the correct Com Port was selected.


Voice is clipping. Hearing participants or notetaker hear voices cutting or muting while someone is speaking.

Possible solutions:

1. Hearing participants should sit closer to the speakerphone.
2. Hearing participants should make sure they are not covering their mouths (with hands, papers, etc.) while talking.
3. Notetaker should make sure he/she is speaking into the headset's microphone.


Noise or static on the phone line Hearing participants will hear noise or static through the speakerphone.

Possible solutions:

1. Make sure you're using an analog speakerphone on an analog telephone line.

2. Replace the speakerphone with a better quality speakerphone.


Computer screen freezes during notetaking. Screen looks as though notetaker has stopped typing, then a large block of text appears at one time.

Possible solution:

1. Have someone disable the power-saving features on your PC.

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