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Installation instructions for AOL 6.8 beta

Note: On some networks and computers (such as Gallaudet’s), installation of AIM 6.8 requires administrator privileges.)

  1. If you already use AIM on your PC, sign off and close the program.
  2. Go to
  3. Read the License Agreement and if you accept the terms Click on ACCEPT.
  4. Download AIM 6.8 Beta.
  5. You will be prompted “Do you want to run or save this file?”
    1.  Click RUN.  This will install the program.
  6. Run the installer. (Click on default buttons until AIM Install comes on).
  7. Read the agreement and if you accept the terms, click on I AGREE.
  8. In the Installation options, you can go with the RECOMMENDED setting or select your own custom setting.
  9. Click on CONTINUE.
  10. When the installation is completed, another window will pop up for optional programs, AIM TUNES and QQ GAMES.  
  11. Click CONTINUE
  12. When this process is completed, a CONGRATULATIONS window will appear.
  13. Click on LAUNCH.

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