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Teacher Survey of Captioned Media

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Captioned Media and Educational Technology:
Research into Contemporary School Practice

-funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Captioning and Adaptation Branch-
-Grant Award: H026R30005-

Teacher Survey of Captioned Media

Captioned Video Survey

  • Teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Random sample of students
  • Spring 1994
  • Two-thirds from local school programs
  • 212 teachers total
  • 175 classroom teachers (the rest resource, itinerant, etc.)

Use of Video

  • 94 percent of classroom teachers had used video during the academic year
  • Estimated frequency of use--once a week

Are captioned video materials valuable?

  • Very valuable--85%
  • Valuable--19%
  • Not valuable--0%

Were all, some, or none captioned?

  • Some--64%
  • All--26%
  • None--10%

What was done to make uncaptioned videos accessible?

  • Teacher interpreted--77.2%
  • Someone else interpreted--29.3%
  • Amplification--5.7%
  • Other--6.5%

Where do you obtain captioned video materials?

  • School library--50%
  • CFV--44%
  • Video store--38%
  • Record/VCR--22%
  • Purchase--19%
  • Public library--14%
  • Modern Talking Pictures--3%

For your last use only--Where did you obtain captioned video materials?

  • Borrowed--56.3%
  • Rented--14.3%
  • Purchased--13.4%
  • Recorded--13.4%
  • Other--2.7%
  • Not applicable--1.8%

Last use only: Other information

  • 34% of videos were not captioned or signed
  • 63% said the captioning level was appropriate for students
  • 88% used videotapes; 10% used films

Teachers' difficulties with captioned video media

  • 56% reported difficulties obtaining
  • 44% did not mention difficulties obtaining
  • 18% reported difficulties in using

Problems: Comments about reading level

  • Too hard--28%
  • Too fast--14%
  • Too easy--6%
  • Too slow--3%

Problems with captioned video media

  • Hard/fast--32%
  • Coverage--23%
  • Errors--22%
  • None--16%


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