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Captioned Media and Educational Technology Research into Contemporary School Practice

Qualitative Survey on Technology Use in Classroom

This survey was conducted by staff at WGBH's National Center for Accessible Media. Through interviews with leaders in educational technology for deaf children, WGBH identified schools that were using technology in innovative ways. Staff conducted in-depth interviews with teachers, media specialists, and administrators at 75 schools.

For each application of technology, schools were asked to supply information on how the innovation got started, equipment used, instructional methods, funding, training, evaluation, and other issues related to implementation of educational technology.

After the interviews, 75 profiles were developed. From these profiles, staff of WGBH and Gallaudet identified 15 examples that represented a cross section. These examples are included in a new handbook for teachers entitled Success Stories: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Learning with Technology & Media.

The handbook includes stories describing the use of technology as well as resources for teachers and schools. Success Stories is available from Gallaudet University's Pre-College National Mission Programs, for $3 plus shipping and handling

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