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E-911 Stakeholders' Council: Strategic Goals and Issues

Strategic Goals/Issues:

· Stakeholder joint letter to NENA/DOT re: RFP on Open Architectural Design of E911

· Advocate re: National 911Office

· Work with FCC

· Training needs for Speech-to-Speech TRS users, deaf/hard of hearing users

· Consumer Outreach/Education

· Government

· Deaf-Blind, some use telebraillers

· Letter from Congress to FCC to say MOVE!!

· DHS (EAS outreach)

· Improve 911 center communications

· Ask DOJ to include new technology

· NAD Conference (meeting with Ollie Cantos)

· Media Awareness, Public Relations re: our E911 issues

Short Term Goals

· VRS and IP Relay Access (complete FCC proceeding)

· Pager Access to 911 (complaint under 255; contact with companies and/or petition for rulemaking)

Short Term Action Items

· letter to DOT re: RPF

· preparation of brief White Paper listing consumer functional needs & potential solutions

· develop IP Relay/VRS standard operating procedures (SOPs) to handle emergency calls

(collaborate with NENA Accessibility Committee - Richard Ray)

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