Radio for the Deaf and hard of Hearing: An Idea whose Technology is Arriving

Mike Starling

Index of Slides

  1.   Accessible Emergency Notification and Communication: State of the Science Conference
  2. 820 NPR Member Stations
  3. Quick NPR Facts
  4. Inside NPR Labs – Strategic Technology Research for Improved Public Services
  5. Guiding Principles for HD Radio at NPR Labs
  6. NPR Labs Launch Initiatives
  7. No Title
  8. NPR Receiver Initiative
  9. No Title
  10. NPR Labs ERS Initiative: Accessibility Services
  11. Broadcast Radio: A Lifeline During Emergencies
  12. Public Radio’s Role In ERS
  13. DVS Real Time Chase System
  14. Baseline Requirements for New, Accessible HD Radio Emergency Receivers
  15. It’s All About the Receivers
  16. Steps to Radio Broadcast Accessibility Success
  17. Accessible Emergency Broadcast Radio Services

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