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Captioning Program Logs

To: Consumer Contact List
From: Karen Peltz Strauss, RERC-TA
Re: Consumer Contact List - Captioning program logs
Date: September 23, 2004

Last year, Georgetown University's Institute for Public Representation contacted the FCC about having television broadcasters disclose various types of public interest information about their programming. The Institute prepared a sample form that could be used, and included on that form places for broadcasters to report on their hours of captioning. The message below explains that in the coming weeks, the FCC will be deciding whether to adopt a programming form, which may contain queries on the extent to which a broadcaster is fulfilling its captioning obligations.

According to the message below, consumers now have an opportunity to weigh in on whether they would like to see captioning on the programming form adopted by the FCC. If you do send in comments to the FCC, the docket is MM Docket No. 00-168. Sending in a brief letter about how difficult it is for consumers to track compliance with the closed captioning obligations, how stations must keep this information anyway (and so there is no extra burden if the form is adopted), and how this will significantly improve compliance with the captioning rules are some of the issues that could be covered in such a letter.

The message below is from the Institute for Public Representation. You can see the actual form that they have proposed by clicking on the link as indicated.


Dear friends,

Because of efforts to increase the availability of closed captioning, we are writing to let you know that the FCC is expected to vote at its October 14 meeting on whether television stations should be required to publicly disclose on station websites and in public files 1) whether they have met closed captioning requirements, 2) how many hours of programming were required to be captioned, and 3) which programs were not captioned

The Public Interest, Public Airwaves Coalition, whose members include the Institute for Public Representation, Common Cause, the Alliance for Better Campaigns, and other non-profit organizations (a full list of members and further information can be found at has asked the FCC to adopt a proposed disclosure form which requires television broadcasters to disclose a variety of information about program service including the amount of local civic and electoral affairs programming, independently produced programming, and public service announcements aired on the station each quarter. The proposed disclosure form is available at

It would be most helpful if you could let the Commission know that you support the proposal by sending a letter or email, or by calling or meeting with the Commissioners or their staff before October 7 (when the ex parte restrictions take effect). To the extent that you have citizen constituents who can participate, please encourage them to contact the FCC as well.

If you have any questions about the proposal or need assistance in making your views known to the Commissioners, please feel free to contact Karen Henein at 202-662-9545,, or TTY 202-662-9538.


Angela Campbell
Karen Henein

Institute for Public Representation

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