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VoIP Hearing

To: Consumer Contact List
Karen Peltz Strauss, RERC-TA
Re: Consumer Contact List - VoIP hearings

Date: February 23, 2004

On Tuesday, February 24, the Senate Commerce Committee will be holding hearings on VoIP. AAPD has formally requested Senator McCain to mention the importance of addressing the needs of people with disabilities as this new technology is rolled out. Here is information about the hearing:

Hearing: Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Tuesday, February 24 2004 - 9:30 AM - SR - 253
Members of the US Senate Commerce Committee will hear testimony on the appropriate federal and state regulatory treatment of Internet telephone service (VoIP), including obligations related to intercarrier compensation, disability access, E-911, universal service, and assistance to law enforcement. Senator McCain (R-AZ) will preside. FCC Chairman Powell is expected to testify along with Vonage Chairman Jeffrey Citron, Time Warner Cable Chairman Glenn Britt, CenturyTel Chairman Glen Post, NARUC President Stan Wise and Kevin Werbach, founder of Supernova Group. The hearing will be Webcasted; see the URL below.

Communications Daily is reporting that Sen. John Sununu (R-NH) will introduce a bill soon classifying VoIP as an information service subject to just light FCC regulation. The bill would also address, but not resolve, universal service, law enforcement, Internet tax and enhanced 911 (E911) as they relate to VoIP.

[SOURCE: US Senate Commerce Committee]

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