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Localism Hearings in South Dakota

To: Consumer Contact List
From: Karen Peltz Strauss, RERC-TA
Re: Consumer Contact List - Localism Hearings in South Dakota
Date: May 18, 2004

Below is information about upcoming localism hearings in South Dakota. These hearings are designed to provide the public with an opportunity to share their views on the extent to which local broadcasters are meeting their community's needs. Individuals are able to share input, for example, on the success or failures of their broadcasters to provide emergency information with captions and audio descriptions. As you can see from the notice (go to URL, below), these next hearings will be held in Rapid City, South Dakota on May 26, 2004.

Released: 05/14/2004. FCC'S LOCALISM TASK FORCE ANNOUNCES DATE, TIME, AND LOCATION FOR PUBLIC HEARING ON BROADCAST LOCALISM IN RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA. (DA No. 04-1380). MB. Contact: Localism Task Force at(202) 418-7777, email: News Media Contact: Michelle Russo at 202-418-2358, or Meribeth McCarrick at 202-418-0654


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