Wireless Hearing Aid Compatibility

Judy Harkins

Index of Slides

  1. Wireless Phones & Hearing Aid Compatibility
  2. Topics and Presenters
  3. Basic Issue:
  4. Hearing aid users and CI users have two primary options on their aids for listening on the phone:
  5. Microphone mode
  6. Telecoil mode
  7. There has been gradual improvement over ten years….
  8. But the lack of a specific requirement for wireless HAC meant that:
  9. What did the FCC do to address consumers’ concerns?
  10. What is Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)?
  11. If you use Microphone: Look for Cell Phones Rated M3 or M4
  12. The FCC rule does not cover acoustic output (how loud the phone sounds)
  13. Sept. 2006: If you use telecoil, look for phones rated T3 or T4
  14. What about your hearing aid’s or CI’s rating?
  15. Results may vary

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