The Changing Face of Text

Judy Harkins

Index of Slides

  1. The Changing Face of Text
  2. Work of our Center related to this subject:
  3. Text communication has become part of everyday life
  4. PSTN Text Communication
  5. Direct calls using TTY
  6. PSAP Requirements for TTY
  7. Wireless phones must handle TTY
  8. TTY use is declining
  9. “Traditional” PSTN Relay services
  10. “Captioned Telephone”: CapTel™ relay service (Ultratec)
  11. CapTel and 9-1-1
  12. Internet Text Communication
  13. Direct Text Communication
  14. Direct Text and 9-1-1
  15. Some concerns of PSAPs for handling new text technologies
  16. Why Text needs to be integrated with Internet Voice
  17. Principles for Text over IP (ToIP)
  18. SIPCon and TIPCon: Free Software, Open Standards
  19. Internet-Based Relay Services
  20. Internet Text Relay Services
  21. Internet Text Relay Services
  22. Wireless Internet Text Relay Service
  23. Internet Text Relay Services and 9-1-1
  24. Video Relay Services
  25. VRS and 9-1-1
  26. Take-Away Message
  27. Acknowledgements

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