Without a Hearing Aid

Jabra ear boom with ear molds.

Long Description: Jabra ear boom with ear molds. Also has inline volume control.



Diagram of a custom earmold for earbud of a hands-free cell phone accessory.

Long Description:

Custom Earmolds

For Earbuds

(e.g., Westone

Laboratories, Inc.)

Diagram of a cell phone amplifier.

Long Description: Cell phone amplifier -- has an ear bud on one end, inline microphone, inline volume and tone controls, and a 2.5 mm jack for connecting to a cell phone on the other end.

CPA cellphone amplifier

Image of Sound ID

Long Description: Image of Sound ID - a hands-free mobile phone earpiece with Personalized Digital Sound. Sound ID uses a wireless earpiece with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.

Sound ID

Image of EARWARE cellphone amplifier.

Long Description:




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