Challenges of Technological Diversity

Judy Harkins, Gallaudet University

Index of Slides

  1. Challenges of Technological Diversity
  2. Gallaudet’s Technology Access Program
  3. Mission:
  4. Staff:
  5. Websites related to our work:
  6. Current areas of research:
  7. I was asked to ponder some questions for this presentation:
  8. What is “basic telecommunications” today?
  9. What is the role of TTY in today’s world?
  10. What should the telecom equipment distribution programs do about the diversity of telecommunications-access equipment?
  11. Should programs provide equipment that only works with relay or encourage people to be less dependent on relay?
  12. Anything new in Deaf-Blind Telecom?
  13. What is going on with Voice over IP?
  14. Voice over Internet Protocol
  15. Where do you find VoIP
  16. Emerging VoIP
  17. Multimedia Communications: The concept of Total Conversation
  18. What does VoIP give?
  19. What does subscriber-VoIP take away?
  20. VoIP will often garble TTY
  21. VoIP is engineered to support voice
  22. No Title
  23. No Title
  24. No Title
  25. Industry is working on standards to accommodate Baudot
  26. Standards will be important
  27. The End

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