Voice over IP Basics

Judy Harkins

Index of Slides

  1. Voice over IP Basics
  2. Gallaudet’s Technology Access Program
  3. Mission:
  4. Websites related to our work:
  5. What is Voice over Internet Protocol?
  6. Some Key Thoughts:
  7. Sometimes VoIP mostly looks like a phone
  8. Q: Why are businesses switching to IPBX? A: Value
  9. Sometimes VoIP looks mostly like a computer
  10. Example: Skype (www.skype.com) (Just bought by eBay)
  11. Often VoIP looks like a little of both: It can call and receive PSTN calls
  12. Using a regular phone or TTY with a VoIP service
  13. Cable phone service
  14. Telcos offer VoIP
  15. You may not even know you are using VoIP technology ….
  16. Wireless
  17. Some paths for VoIP calls
  18. Advantages of Voice over IP
  19. Disadvantages
  20. How does this affect customers with disabilities?
  21. How will VoIP affect text communication?
  22. How will VoIP affect text communication?
  23. How will VoIP affect Relay Services?
  24. How will VoIP affect CapTel users?
  25. People who are hard of hearing and use voice phones
  26. People with speech disabilities
  27. People who are blind
  28. Regulatory dilemma
  29. 9-1-1 Issues
  30. Development from the RERC on Telecom Access: Open Source Software
  31. Some nuggets from the new VoIP/9-1-1 rule

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