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Communication Accessibility


Call Boxes

Comarco Wireless Technologies (CWT)
Call Box Products

TTY accessible roadside call box.

167 Technology Drive
Irvine, CA 92618
(714) 450-4041 Voice
(714) 450-8002 Fax


No listing


Public Address Systems

Silent Messenger
This page contains information on the Silent Messenger product, a multi-user visual (PA) system by MessageNet Systems, Inc.

MessageNet Systems,  Inc.
4825 Pinebrook Drive
Nobelsville, IN  46060

(317) 867-3034


Remote Transcription

ACS: Alternative communications services


Viable Technologies



The Motion Picture Access Project (MoPix)
This page describes The Motion Picture Access Project by CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM).

"Rear Window - The Movie Captioning System"
An article about one technique for captioning in theatres by CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM).

 InSight Cinema (Formerly Tripod Captioned Films)
InSight Cinema is a non-profit organization that provides open-captioned films to theaters around the country. Visit their website to see which films are currently being screened.

Clearview Cinemas Theater Listings
A theater chain offering captioned films in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut areas.


Weather Alert Systems

New weather alert system for people who are deaf and hard of hearing is being tested in Oklahoma
A one-year pilot program to provide emergency weather information to Oklahoma's deaf and hearing impaired community was announced on July 1, 2001.  The Oklahoma School for the Deaf, which is part of the state Department of Rehabilitative Services, will operate the program to transmit weather information to 40 to 50 deaf people in the Sulphur area.

Special-Needs NOAA Weather Radio for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Individuals
NOAA Weather Radio receives National Weather Service (NWS) warnings, watches, forecasts, and other hazard information 24 hours a day. The special-needs NOAA Weather Radio has recently been designed to adapt to the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.


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