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PSTN to IP Transition Information and Files

Wideband Audio (HD Voice)

TTY Transition

Policy Documents

  • RERC-TA R1v3 proposal on a common real-time text proposal. Filed with FCC in GN Dockets 15-178 and 13-5, 11/17/2015. Supersedes earlier revisions filed with the FCC. Word - PDF
  • FCC Brief on Disability Issues for PSTN Transition. Filed with FCC in GN Docket 13-5, 12/10/2013. Word - PDF on FCC site
  • RERC-TA filing on Devolution of RTT Provisions in M376 and ANPRM. Filed with FCC in GN Docket 13-5, 12/5/2013. Word - PDF on FCC site
  • FCC EAAC TTY Transition report, 3/11/2013. Word - PDF on FCC site

Technical Reports and Documents

  • WebSocket based Real-Time Text (RTT); WebRTC gateway for Web and SIP interop. Version 2.5a, June 30, 2015. Word - PDF
  • Real-Time Text and TTY interworking in IMS/LTE and various technical environments, 11/14/2014. Word - PDF

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