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**Disclaimer: Inclusion on this list in no way implies endorsement of any products or services, either by the Technology Access Program or Gallaudet University.

TAP's Collaborating Research Group

On-Line Messaging

TTYs and TTY Modems

Information on Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)

TRS Providers

IP-Relay Providers

Video Relay Service (VRS) Providers

Video Telecommunications

Wireless/Cellular Telecommunications

Captioning and Media Access

Speech Recognition Software

Equipment Accessibility Under the Telecom Act of 1996

Universal Design in Telecommunications

Other Communication Accessibility Information and Product

Consumer Advocacy Organizations

Open Listservs on Communication Accessibility

  • Beyond Hearing - Listserv and website for people who are hard of hearing and deaf.
  • HOH-LD-News - A weekly email newsletter that discusses current issues affecting hard of hearing,  late deafened, and oral deaf persons.
  • Telecom-l - Discussion of the US Access Board's telecom access guidelines.

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