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Captioned Media and Educational Technology: Research into Contemporary School Practice


This project received funding from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (Award #H026R30005) and Gallaudet University.

Project Description

Very little was known about the current status of captioned media and educational technology in the education of deaf students. The overall goals of the project were to provide information to policy-makers and educators about these topics and to highlight and disseminate information about the most innovative and effective implementations of technology and media in this country.

The project was a joint effort of Gallaudet's Technology Assessment Program and Center for Assessment and Demographic Studies, and the National Center for Accessible Media of WGBH, Boston.

Three surveys were conducted:

Project Duration

October 1993 through December 1996

Gallaudet Investigators:

  • Judith E. Harkins
  • Brenda Rawlings
  • Kay Lam
  • Sue Hotto
  • Ellie Korres
  • Beth Singer
  • Barbara Virvan
(Date of this report:  5/97)


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