Wireless Technology Access: TDI 2003 Convention

Judy Harkins, Jim House, and Cary Barbin

Index of Slides

  1. Wireless Technology Access
  2. Overview of Session
  3. Cell Phones and Hearing Aids
  4. Problems with Cell Phones and Hearing Aids
  5. New FCC Policies
  6. Some cell phones are better than others: How to find ones to try?
  7. Handset Tips
  8. Service Tips
  9. Hearing Aid Tips
  10. NO TITLE
  11. Cell Phones and TTYs
  12. Digital cell phones used to garble TTY.
  13. Advantages of Wireless Phones
  14. Only certain TTYs will work with digital cell phones
  15. Handsets
  16. If you are a VCO user…
  17. Network
  18. Compatibility with 9-1-1
  19. Wireless Future: What are our goals?
  20. What We Are Using Now
  21. Evolution of Mobile Devices
  22. Future Considerations
  23. Future Considerations
  24. Desired Features

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